Policy or Regulation

Approved Policy or Value


Current in type

60 days


Monthly Assessment



Hourly Rate



New Member Requirements

  1. Be current and be accident and incident free for the preceding three years.
  2. Have a minimum 75 hours logged.
  3. A one-time membership fee of $0.
  4. Cheques or equivalent for the current year dated the first of each month for the monthly assessment.
  5. A photocopy of a current flying permit (Private Pilot License or higher) and a current Medical Certificate.
  6. A short written test based on the P.O.H.
  7. Be checked out as proficient on the club aircraft.
  8. Sign an agreement with the Club and/or the Club's Bank assuming the responsibility of any loan, debt, or obligation.


Maximum time the aircraft can be booked on weekends and holidays

4 hours per member when booked in advance of  the actual flight day.


Amount that the Member in Charge of Maintenance may spend



Items making up the variable costs of flying the Club aircraft

Maintenance, Fuel, Oil



The President and Secretary should have cheques on hand.

2 each